Photographing birds in the nest

With this photogallery, by no means I intend to encourage people to take pictures of nesting birds: the breeding season is always a crucial time. Some photographers say they never do that, and I wholeheartedly support their choice. As for me, as a collaborator of some specialized magazines, I take pictures of nesting birds only if possible and aided by my long-standing experience (alas, time flies!). Therefore, I take all measures to make sure the birds are safe: I use remote controls or hides and of course I take everything down in case the parents are not back or appear to be nervous, flying away after getting closer without feeding their chicks. Normally, this doesn’t happen if everything is arranged appropriately; still, it can happen. For example, a blackbird – usually easy to approach – recently flew back twice because it was afraid of my gear. I immediately walked away without taking a single picture: respect for wildlife is always my priority. Another golden rule is: never cut branches or break reeds. The latter can be simply tied in small bunches with a gardening string, then untied after your photo session. If there are branches in the way, you just have to give up!  


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